5dez 2022
06:30 UTC

Digital platform of Brazilian linguistic diversity

We would like to present the design and the logistics of a digital platform for the repository of the Brazilian (socio)linguistic data files and related metadata, beyond other potential materials and informations. It is designed to be interoperable by researchers with expertise in language(s) investigations and to be accessed and fed by multiple agents. In terms of the input process of implementation, it relies on materials, knowledge and collaborative practices from different areas of knowledge and a pool of technological, scientific and museum institutions and forums. In terms of output, social and academic-scientific multi-direction as well as civic and open linguistic science and education is what we want to reach. The theme of a national BIG DATA and the managing of reusable (socio)linguistic data (retrieved from speech or written texts, as well as signed texts) is a demand related to FAIR principles, especially in a context of physical and virtual mobility, digital interconnection and political-diplomatic strategy of cultural interaction and communication. We live in the information and knowledge age, one of the main market values. And we understand that the world and even Brazil need to have access to a platform that serves as a reference for quality information about our plural linguistic community. Such information can be explored in work environments where Portuguese is a mother tongue and not a mother tongue around the world. This space will give us the opportunity to show the basic aspects and the potential scenarios of the platform.