5dez 2022
06:30 UTC

Intensifying with color in Brazilian tweets

Our objective is to show the results of our research about the formal-functional configuration of the Xcolor of Y pattern, in data collected, with the aid of the programming language R, on Twitter during the months of June and July 2020. In this pattern, X is filled with colors and Y is filled with different emotions and feelings, as in “purple with longing”, “blue with hunger”, “yellow with anger” etc. For the analysis, we emphasize three important points: (i) color lexemes as allostructions (CAPPELLE, 2006), since their particularities are neutralized and they are conceptualized as a intensifier resource; (ii) the semantic nuance of the items that fill the second slot of the construction, in order to observe its nature (whether physical or psychological/physiological), its valuation (whether positive, negative or neutral) and their abstract or concrete meaning; and (iii) the type of construction to which the intensifying constructional pattern combine (a verbal predication or not). Our theoretical-methodological support is based on Functional-Cognitive Linguistics, Construction Grammar and Sociolinguistics. We provide a description of results from a statistical multivariate analysis and a collostructional analysis of data. Thus, with this research, we included the Xcolor of Y pattern in the representational network of intensifiers of the Brazilian variety of the Portuguese language and in discussion about variation by analogy within the scope of the Construction Grammar.