5dez 2022
06:30 UTC

Language influence: Student destination choice

A great number of programs that promote studying abroad have offered an opportunity for students around the globe to travel for educational purposes and to be a part of an international community. Educational tourism through the past years has known remarkable growth and nowadays is considered as one of the fastest-growing tourism sectors in the world. The purpose of the present study is as follows: 1) To have an insight into the term educational tourism and into its benefits. 2) To identify the main motivations of international students behind choosing a destination for their educational tourism. 3) To investigate whether the language of the host country influences their decision-making in doing so, especially when the destination is a largely monolingual country such as Hungary. To collect data for examining these questions, an online questionnaire was used and shared with 63 international students who were studying in Hungary at the time of data collection or studied a couple of years ago. Results show evidence of several push and pull motivation factors but, on the other hand, it reveals that most of the participants are not influenced by the language in choosing Hungary as a non-English destination for their educational tourism.