5dez 2022
06:30 UTC

Speech act of threat: a logic-pragmatic proposal

This research aims to describe a possible logic-pragmatic configuration to the speech act of threat in Brazilian Portuguese. It was analyzed fifteen threat letters. The study was made based mainly on the theoretical and methodological postulates of the Speech Act Theory, proposed by Austin, and reformulated by Searle (AUSTIN, 1990; SEARLE, 1979). In addition to this, we looked for support and contributions in the fields Philosophy of the Language, Argumentative Semantics, as well as in some research from the Forensic Linguistics (SHUY, 2005; SALGUEIRO, 2010; WALTON, 2014). It was possible to suggest a logic-pragmatic configuration to the speech act of threat, understood as a language crime, taking in count that these types of sentences could be made on an explicit and implicit mode.